Jake Bones Music & Design

Graphic Design

I consider myself a creative and inspired designer. My natural curiosity and DIY ethics lead me to begin designing logos and merchandise for bands on a digital medium over a decade ago. I work directly with any client I take on to develop an aesthetic for their project that aligns with their concepts.

I currently work as the Lead Designer for HORRID Magazine.


Performing music is, without a doubt, the greatest source of joy I’ve felt in life. I bring a professional attitude to performing, adapting to the style while bringing my unique inspiration to any artist I work with. Recording remotely using Reaper allows me to work with artists around the world.

I currently play bass in Thy Shade, Drop Out, and Nail Splitter. I produce beats as illithid. I am the Creative Director at Dision Records.



• Logo and Concept Design

• Branding & Merchandise

• Social Media Content Creation



• Song Writing & Music Production

• Touring & Performances

• Recording, Mixing & Mastering